Fakes & Forgeries Art Show and Sale
Virtual Show
January 1 – March 31, 2021
For in person appointments, please call 719-337-2863.

Local artists take on the great masters by copying their work or putting their own spin on these masterpieces. Now is a perfect chance to acquire a famous masterpiece at a fraction of the cost! The next best thing to owning the real thing, and the art is done by local artists.

View the show here.

Arte Chicano 2020 From the Silver City Museum

Virtual show

Arte Chicano 2020 | Silver City, NM (silvercitymuseum.org)


2020 Governor’s Show
September 26 to November 1, 2020

Chris is happy to be included in this year’s show! The 29th Annual Colorado Governor’s Art Show & Sale is running from September 26th through November 1st at the Loveland Museum, 503 N. Lincoln Avenue, or online at GovernorsArtShow.org. To view the show live, reservations are required through the Loveland Museum. You can visit LovelandMuseumGallery.org to schedule your reservations online.

Red Threads  oVerlap
October 2 to October 30, 2020

Overlap focuses on unity, highlighting our shared experiences and the one earth we share as our home, rather than focusing on our polarizing differences. Through photography, encaustics, painting, fiber arts, drawings, ceramics and digital pieces, we want to celebrate the beauty of connection and community. 

Red Threads was formed as a collaboration to highlight local artists and the work of The Never Alone Foundation, which supports families created through international adoption. The NAF provides grants to help with the expense of adoption, children with medical needs and support for new families.  All of the artists donate a portion of their sales to the NAF, as does Kreuser Gallery.

See the show online here, or visit it in person at Kreuser Gallery, 125 East Boulder Street, Colorado Springs, CO